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Step 2: Create Your Site

1. Click here to access the BlueHost exclusive $2.95 per month rate for website hosting, and make sure to click “get started now” when you get to the BlueHost page.


2. You will need to select a hosting plan. I usually recommend the basic plan for new websites. Click the green “Select” button to choose the plan that you want.

3. Enter in your preferred domain name into the “New Domain” field and click “next” to check the availability of the domain.

  • Do you already own the domain name that you want to use? Simply type your domain name into the box on the right instead, and click “next” to move onto the next step.


4. If your preferred domain isn’t available, then BlueHost will provide you with a list of other options that are available. Look through the suggested domains to choose one, or you can type in another name to see if your back-up option is available.


5. After you have located the available domain name that you would like, the next step is to move onto the registration page. This is the place where you need to enter in your billing details.


6. The billing page will give you a few options for various hosting packages that are available.

  • I like to use the 36 month package to get the lowest monthly rate, but the 12 month is best if you want the lowest up front cost.
  • The other add-on services and products can be skipped during the sign-up process, because it’s easy to add them later if you decide that you need them.


7. It usually takes a few short minutes to setup your account, and then you will be able to login to your new hosting account from the BlueHost homepage. Simply click the login tab that you can see at the top of the page. The form will ask for your domain name as well as the password you setup during the registration process.


8. Once you login to the control panel of your account, the next step is to install WordPress to setup the website. Close the pop-up windows that might have come up, and then look for the heading that says “Website,” and then click the link to “Install WordPress.”

Are you confused? Contact me and I will install WordPress for you for free!


You will find that an automatic login takes you to Mojo Marketplace, and then you are taken to the install page where you can find the WordPress package. Get started by clicking the “Install” button.

You will need to select your domain name, and then click the “Check Domain” button.

Make sure the “Show advanced options” option is checked, and you will be able to enter in the title of your website, as well as your preferred username, password, and email. Don’t worry, all of these options can be changed later (except for the username). Don’t forget to make note of your username and password so that you can login with them later! At the end, you will need to check the box to verify that you agree with the terms, and finish it up by clicking “Install Now”

At this point, WordPress is installing on your website! It will only take a few minutes before it is done.

9. After the WordPress installation is complete, click the “View Credentials” option located near the top of the page so that you can view your login information. The credentials are only available for 12 hours, so it is best to look at them right away and record them somewhere in a safe place!


Once the installation is complete, you will also get an email notification that has your login information.

Are having problems with your website installation? Contact me to get help.

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