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How to Make a Website Today A Free Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Create a Website in 20 minutes

Whether you need a website for your existing business, a new start-up, or as a way to make money online, will show you how to create a website with our FREE step-by-step tutorials designed just for beginners.

Making your own website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the latest free website software makes it easy for even complete beginners to build a website that is professional looking and earns money.

There is simply no reason to pay thousands to a web designer when you can use this free tutorial to make a website that is customized.

Whether you are an existing business owner, just starting your first online business, or a freelancer looking to showcase your work, having a professional website is a basic requirement to get your work taken seriously.

But if you’re like most people, you may not know where to get started. Creating a website can be intimidating if you don’t have the required technological skills. Not to mention that the number of options available to make a website can be just plain confusing.


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This free guide was designed just for beginners. I am going to walk you through the entire process of creating a website, from customizing your website design to selling products and services on your website. All you need are the most basic computer skills – if you can click your mouse and type a few words then you can create a professional website in less than half an hour!


What will you learn in this guide?

My name is Scott Chow, and I’m a web design expert. I’ve been working online since 2002, building many successful websites of my own, and now I want to share my knowledge with you in this free guide.

The steps in this guide will give you everything you need to have a professional looking website for your business or online venture. To give you an idea of what is in this guide, let’s look at a quick summary of what you’ll learn:

1. How to create your website correctly

Getting your website setup the right way means choosing the correct software, or platform, for your site. There are a ton of choices available, but in this guide I am going to show you how to set up a website with WordPress. WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world, and for good reason. WordPress works well for all types of sites and I recommend it in this guide for a few reasons.

It’s free.
WordPress is what is known as “open-source” software, meaning that anyone can use it and modify it at no charge. In addition to saving you money, this has also created a community of thousands dedicated to WordPress. This means that for just about anything you are looking to do with a website, someone has done it before with WordPress.

It’s easy to learn.
While there are tons of advanced things you can do with WordPress, it is also the easiest website building platform to learn for beginners without any previous web design experience. A simple site can be online in a matter of minutes. And when you are ready to get more complex WordPress has the capability to do that as well (see below).

It works well for all types of sites.
Whether you are looking to create an online store, an informational website, a newspaper, or just about anything else, WordPress can do it. It’s used by some of the biggest websites in the world (New York Times, CNN, General Motors, eBay, Mashable, UPS, etc.) as well as thousands of smaller sites as well.

2. How to customize your website for your needs

While having the right platform for your website is a good start, it’s not worth anything if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why the majority of this guide is devoted to getting the most out your website by showing you how to customize things in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner. I am going to show you how to do some really cool stuff, and I’m going to make it very easy to follow along.

3. How to promote your website

Once you’ve got your site up and running you need to shift your attention to getting visitors to your site. There are a variety of ways to do this, and I show you a couple of simple ones in Step #5.

4. How to make a website that makes money

Now that your website is set up and you have a steady flow of visitors you can focus on making money from your site (if that is your goal). There are several ways to make money from your site, but the most popular are selling ad space on your site and selling products/services in an online store. I go into more depth on both of these things in Step #6 of the guide.

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Why Should You Start a Website Today?

creating-a-websiteThe internet is the easiest way to get in front of millions of people from all over the world. It is truly a global marketplace and a website helps you to leverage its power to your advantage.

Whether your goal is to make money, or simply share your ideas, there is no more efficient and effective way to accomplish those goals than through your own website.

The major benefits to having your own website are:

Legitimacy & Reputation

At this point in time just about every business or organization you can think of has a website. Websites are not just for tech companies any more. Restaurants, freelance artists, even school clubs all have their own websites.

Websites have become so prevalent that if you are doing business without a website customers immediately lose trust. A quality website is a sign of a legitimate business or organization that can be trusted.


Gone are the days of renting retail space to open a new business. Why sell your products and services only to the hundreds of people near your store, when you can sell to millions of people across the globe? The ability to get customers from around the world makes it much easier to find the people who are interested in your products or services, and this means more sales and revenue for you.

Low Risk

Setting up a website is one of the lowest-risk business decisions you can make. This is especially true if you use the free guide on this site and avoid expensive (and unnecessary) web designers. There is no large investment to be made, but the potential rewards are huge. Setting up a website is typically costs less than $3 per month, which makes it a no-brainer for even the most frugal business owner.


Don’t be fooled by “free website” offers

You may have seen advertisements that claim to allow you to create a website for free. While this sounds like a great thing, in reality there are some huge downsides:

Downside #1: “Free” websites are not really free

The companies that provide free websites are in it to make money for themselves. They do this in a two ways:

They show ads on your website
In exchange for giving you space for your website, these companies will run advertisements on your site. Unfortunately, you do not have any control over what is being advertised or where the ads are placed on your site, and you will not get any of the money from these advertisers.

They force you into “upgrades”
While signing-up for a free website is truly free, you will soon see that to really have a fully functional website you will need to pay for additional features. Things like changing the layout of your site ($150) or registering a custom domain name ($25) are all things you expect to do be able to do with your site, but with “free” websites you will be charged a steep price to make these changes.

Downside #2: Unprofessional Appearance

Free websites look very unprofessional for three main reasons:
You don’t get your own domain name
When someone asks for your website, they expect to hear something like “”, not “”. Unfortunately, that second option is exactly what you’ll get with a free website. You want your website to make your business look better, and without a proper domain name that just isn’t possible.

Very few customizations available
In addition, you don’t get access to the full range of features needed to create a real, professional website. If you want to truly customize your website and make it as user-friendly as possible you need certain features, and free websites just don’t have these available, or they charge you an arm and leg to access them.

They put ads on your site
Nothing distracts from a good website more than a page loaded with advertisements. The goal of your website should be to help promote your business, and having a ton of ads on the page just distracts visitors and makes them frustrated and less likely to visit your site again.

Downside #3: No profit

Free websites exist to make money for the company that gives you the “free” website. That means that they are concerned with their bottom line, not yours. On top of selling advertisements on your site that you never get paid from, they also will not let you sell products or services through a free website. Those are the two main ways to make money from your website, and neither of them are allowed on a free website.

Basically, so-called “free” websites end up costing more for an inferior product.

The good news is that paying for your own website can prevent all of these issues, and it isn’t expensive. In fact, it is cheaper than a “free” website because there aren’t any hidden fees. In the tutorial on this site I will show you my method which costs less than a Starbucks coffee – $3 per month.


The Easy Way to Make Your Own Website

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to create your own website. There are just two basic steps that you need to follow:

1. Follow my simple step-by-step tutorials

Since I already figured everything out the hard way, I want to make it easy for you to create your own site. My step-by-step guides will walk you through everything from start to finish: choosing a domain name, customizing your site, selling products and services on your site, and increasing traffic so that you can earn money with your website. Start Step 1 of the free guide now.

2. Get personalized help direct from me via email

I’m confident that the step-by-step guide that I’ve provided will give you all of the information that you need to get started. But, don’t worry, because I’m here to help if you run into issues. I would love to give you personalized advice, and I invite you to contact me at any time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, because I enjoy talking about building websites– it’s my passion!

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